Appli-K-Kutz – The Plume Family


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The “plume family” die consists of 5 separate shapes; the “one-sided feather,” two sizes of bi-lobed plumes and two sizes of teardrop shapes.

These shapes can be used to create ornate feathered wreaths and the smaller teardrops can be cut in contrasting colors to create 2-toned wreath plumes. Any of these shapes can be coupled with FE-02, (“small feather” die) to create complex feathered wreaths.

The die itself measures approximately 6 inches x 5 inches and is compatible with the Sizzix Big Kick, the Sizzix Big Shot, and the Sizzix Big Shot Pro machines.

Although the die was developed for use in cutting fabric bonded to fusible web to create fusible applique designs, this die can also cut woven and non-woven wools, felt, paper, cardstock, and even lightweight metal.